About G.G. Graham (Midnight Movie Monster):

G.G. Graham is a cult film cryptid, horror hag, and exploitation film explorer of the dusty and disreputable corners of cinema history. The street preacher of Z-grade cinema can be found writing for various genre sites and print publications, proselytizing for disregarded films as a panel/podcast/video guest, or on Twitter and Instagram @msmidnightmovie

About Shock, Schlock & Leftover Film Stock:

For now, just a humble blog dedicated to the dirtier, mostly disreputable side of cinema. Forgotten flickers of the pre code era, roadshow rarities, grindhouse gore, direct to video dreck, big budget money pit monuments to hubris……..if it offended respectable folk, bombed at the box office or was a fly by night production filmed fast, cheap and free of necessary permits, it will probably be discussed here eventually.