Monster Munch: 5 Horror Films To Watch While Social Distancing, Forgotten Fright Flick Music Videos, And More!

Welcome to the second of the two new features around here, Monster Munch! Monster Munch is an occasional compendium of my horror writing around the wider web, that often covers topics that don’t quite fit here. Modern horror films, listicles, reviews of new releases, whatever scary shenanigans my various editors allow me to get into.

5 Isolation Horror Films To Watch While Social Distancing
My recommendations for films that will make you grateful that your personal form of isolation has snacks, booze and a cozy couch. While stressful, our current predicament is far from the loneliness worst case scenario, as these flicks will show you. If you learn nothing else from this list, go watch In A Glass Cage. It’s brilliant, brutal, and way too obscure for its own good.

Horror House Party: 5 Fright Flick Music Videos That Time Forgot
This should be a familiar-ish territory for anyone who reads this blog, as I poke fun at some ridiculous horror movie music tie ins that I dredged out of the wreckage of the MTV actually playing music videos era.

Five PG Horror Films That Should Have Been Rated R
A quick and dirty little list of films that never should have been cleared for general audiences, as they push the envelope straight into the nearest trash can.


  1. I saw In A Glass Cage at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago when it was first released. 10 or 15 minutes into it, a group of people got up and left. Every 10 or 15 minutes, more and more people did the same. The looks of distress and revulsion on some of their faces as they made a hasty retreat was almost as good as the movie itself. Almost. Ultimately, over half of the audience had fled by closing credits. It was one of those significant incidents that emphasizes how streaming and online viewing can never replace the actual theatrical experience.

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    • I knew you were a man of taste and culture LOL 😀 The Music Box is such a great venue too.

      While brutal, In A Glass Cage is far better made than a lot of the more extreme cinema, and given the online love to race for the edges, it deserves more attention than it gets.

      I would love to see it pop up in one of the indie theaters in my city, but thus far no luck.

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