Bite Size: Teenage Tramp (1973)

Really it’s “Teenage Survival Sex Work, With A Side Of Free Love”, but that just wouldn’t have the same lurid appeal for trailers, posters and lobby cards.

Teen drifter Kim (Alisha Fontaine) has decided to leave her former life pushing drugs for a transient commune. Instead, she hitches for a draft dodging new boyfriend, who is using her to help him get out of the country. The two of them make their way east, in the hopes that Kim’s estranged sister Hilary (Robin Low) will give them cash from Kim’s inheritance.

Too bad her former lover/guru/drug connect Maury and his wayward band of hippies have followed her across the country, and the bad times roll right behind them.

I can’t say there’s anything remarkable in this Z grade romp. Most of the dialog has clearly been dropped in in post, and the only print I can find is scratched like it has eczema. However, it is a grindhouse potboiler that understands that movies have to actually move. The 75 minute runtime breezes by as it hits all of the standard beats of the flotilla of the post Charlie Manson cheapies. Establishment bad. Disenfranchisement worse. Off beat bohemian dancing. You know the routine.

There’s a melodramatic B plot that involves Kim seducing Hilary’s sugar baby younger boyfriend, and Robin Low gives a hammy soap opera performance as the uptight foil to Kim’s freewheeling ways. There’s skinny dipping and man stealing, and a whole lot of Hilary swanning about her fabulous house drunk and tut tutting at Kim.

Then Maury shows up and brings all of the drugs, bongos and bad juju with him, as well as excuses for some more nudity, some violence, and a wild groovy, party, man. Wherever you go, there you are. Heavy.

It’s obvious that this will end poorly, in the classic youth in peril/juvenile delinquent mode, but the sheer budget conscious bungle of exactly how it all falls down was worth a solid giggle.

A slight, but perfect, bottom half of a double bill with a Tiffany Bolling feature presentation. She tended to play the grown up, harder bitten version of this same character in equally regional California productions. Give Kim 5 years to wise up, a tan, and a golden blonde rinse… end up with Jesse from The Candy Snatchers.


  1. Terrific review! There were a lot of these low low rent exploitation films at that time, and the giveaway to just how cheap they were was how much voiceover there was! Great title, though!

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  2. “The only print I can find is scratched like eczema” – What a great line!! I always found it interesting that Bolling credited The Candy Snatchers with helping to destroy her career.

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    • Tiffany Bolling’s career was not in a great place even without “The Candy Snatchers”. She had a lot of bit part eye candy roles in mainstream films, a one season TV show that had just been cancelled, and a (self admitted) cocaine addiction. I think even if she had passed on “Snatchers”, she would have had trouble gaining a foothold once she had aged out of the more cheesecake parts, as she wasn’t a terribly dynamic actress.

      In fact, I almost included a bonus image gallery when I wrote up “The Candy Snatchers” that hinged on the joke of how limited her expressive range was. EVERYTHING was a show of teeth and a brow furrow.

      Out of the B movie blondes of that era, Candy Rialson would have likely have had the best shot at the mainstream, but she retired in 1980 to start a family


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