Film Review Index-Alphabetical

Want to see if I’ve covered your favorite grindhouse film? Looking for more info on specific piece of psychotronic cinema? Here’s every film covered on the site, alphabetically by title. If you prefer to browse by year or era, there’s also a chronological index.

Alabama’s Ghost
Alley Cat
All The Sins Of Sodom
The Babysitter
Bad Girls Go To Hell
The Baron
Blue Sunshine
The Candy Snatchers
Chained For Life
Cry Of A Prostitute
The Daredevil
Death Drug
Death Game
The Defilers
Don’t Answer The Phone!
Drive-In Massacre
Eaten Alive!
Fairy Tales
The Flesh Merchant/The Wild And The Wicked
French Quarter
Ganja & Hess
The Gore Gore Girls
The Honeymoon Killers
I Drink Your Blood
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Keep My Grave Open
Killer Nun
Legacy Of Satan
Lola Colt
Love Me Deadly
Mad Youth
The Mini-Skirt Mob
Moonshiner’s Woman
Murder By Phone
Nail Gun Massacre
Never Too Young To Die
Night Of The Cobra Woman
Night Train Murders
The Pink Angels
The Playbirds
The Psychopath/An Eye For An Eye
Rats: Night Of Terror
Scream Bloody Murder
The Shame Of Patty Smith
She Demons
She Freak
Street Girls
Teenage Innocence/Little Miss Innocence
Teenage Tramp
The Tenement
Touch Of Death
Women’s Prison Massacre
Youth Aflame

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